Download YouTube Videos with SnapTube [2024] – Best Method

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Did you know how to download YouTube videos with SnapTube? YouTube, being the largest video platform, allows users to stream a variety of content. However, downloading videos poses a challenge due to the absence of an inbuilt download option on YouTube, preventing users from saving videos directly to their gallery. Trying to download YouTube videos without an inbuilt option is like chasing a wild goose.

To address this, SnapTube, a third-party app, steps in to help, by enabling users to download YouTube videos in various resolutions directly to their phone’s gallery. This versatile app not only allows streaming and downloading from various platforms but also offers the functionality to convert YouTube videos into audio effortlessly.

SnapTube sets itself apart as an exceptional application for providing a diverse set of functions that prove helpful for users in facilitating the downloading process. This piece will present a solution to download YouTube videos with SnapTube a third-party application. Consider the step-by-step guide to download YouTube videos using SnapTube seamlessly.

Reasons to download YouTube videos

While watching videos and enjoying content, you might wonder: Why download YouTube videos? Downloading YouTube videos is like having a bird in the hand, ensuring immediate access to your favorite content. Have a look, at the provided reasons for downloading YouTube videos.

Download for offline use 

Download YouTube videos with SnapTube for viewing later, ensuring uninterrupted access even when the internet is unavailable. By downloading, you gain the flexibility to watch these videos anywhere and anytime, free from concerns about an internet connection.

Unstable connection 

In areas with unstable internet, downloaded content becomes a hidden blessing. You can enjoy downloaded videos without relying on a strong internet connection, offering a seamless viewing experience.

Academic intent 

For utilizing content in educational institutions for presentations and lectures, downloaded material proves to be perfect, especially in areas lacking internet connectivity.

Information Retention 

When watching videos, there’s a common fear of forgetting the title and not being able to find them later, Creating a personal library by downloading can be a helpful solution, ensuring easy access to favorite content from your gallery.

– Free offline 

Online video streaming may be interrupted by ads, and individuals seek uninterrupted content. Downloaded content proves to be the ideal choice to enjoy content without disruptions.

Ease of travel 

Travelers may choose to download videos before starting, on their journey to ensure uninterrupted enjoyment of their favorite content, especially in areas where internet access may be limited.

Limited data packages 

Downloading videos can help save data when you have limited data plans. In scenarios where your internet package is about to expire at a specific time but still has data, and you’re taken, downloading videos allows you to have them ready for future use when internet access is unavailable.

Continuous playback 

Certain users opt to download YouTube videos with SnapTube for background playback, allowing them to listen to content while using other apps or even when the device screen is turned off.


Methods to download YouTube videos with SnapTube

You can effortlessly download YouTube videos with SnapTube by employing any of the provided methods based on your preference.

In-app video download Method 

To download YouTube videos with the In-app method you have to follow these steps.

  • Start by downloading and installing the SnapTube app using link given above. 
  • Once the installation is complete, initiate SnapTube. In the SnapTube header, you’ll find four options: Search, YouTube, Music, and Sub. 
  • Select the YouTube option to access YouTube videos within SnapTube. For each video, locate the download option, enabling you to download the video in various resolutions.
  • Alternatively, play the video and find the download option below. Click on it and your video download will start and the video will be downloaded depending on your internet speed. By adhering to these steps, you can easily download YouTube videos within SnapTube.
  • You can also log in to your SnapTube account with Gmail for personalized YouTube video suggestions.

YouTube integration Method

To download YouTube videos with SnapTube within YouTube without switching to SnapTube you can follow these given steps.

  • To save YouTube videos using SnapTube APK within YouTube, simply play the video you want to download.
  • Tap the share option located below the title bar.
  • Click the three-dot icon and select SnapTube with the download option.
  • Initiate the download by tapping on the SnapTube option.
  • A notification will appear with “Download started,” offering options to view or delay.
  • Choose the “view” option to monitor the download progress.
  • If the progress is zero, access SnapTube from the notification bar to initiate the download.
  • No further action is needed if the download progress is underway; your video will be downloaded seamlessly.

I have shared screenshots of these steps for your convenience. Using these steps, you can effectively download YouTube videos without switching to SnapTube, employing the third-party application SnapTube.

Video URL input Method

You can also download YouTube videos by copying links from the desired video from YouTube.

  • Open YouTube, click the desired video you want to download and Copy the link of the desired YouTube video using the share option.
  • Access the SnapTube app, and the copied link will be identified automatically.
  • If not detected, paste the link in SnapTube’s search bar.
  • Once the link is recognized, a download option will appear; click on it.
  • Your video will be downloaded successfully through this streamlined process.

There were various methods for the downloading process, and you can opt for any of them based on your preference.

Reasons to convert YouTube videos 

Enjoying downloaded content is common, but conversion becomes necessary for various reasons:

Device Change: Adapting your desired format for compatibility with a different device.

Data Network: Converting for easier streaming with limited data network resources.

Storage limitations: Converting videos to low resolution when facing storage limitations on your phone.

MP3 Conversion: For those who want to enjoy the content in audio form and want to enjoy it in a music player

Method to convert YouTube videos with SnapTube 

To convert downloaded content, you can use these steps, your video will be converted easily.

  • To initiate the video conversion process, first, locate the downloaded content on your device. 
  • Once identified, tap on the three-dot menu option to reveal additional settings. 
  • Among these options, Choose the ‘convert’ option to smoothly transform your video file into audio form.

In this way, Your video will be converted to the format you want to convert. This conversion not only enhances accessibility but also reduces file size, making it easier to share and manage your media content. Ensure a stable internet connection throughout the process for best downloading.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, with SnapTube, you can download videos from YouTube.

Yes, SnapTube can download YouTube playlists, offering users the convenience of downloading entire playlists for offline viewing.


SnapTube proves to be a reliable solution for users looking for a seamless experience in downloading and converting YouTube videos. This amazing tool enables users to enjoy their favorite content offline.

Well known for its user-friendly interface and amazing features, SnapTube sets itself apart as a preferred choice among users finding a reliable YouTube video downloading and converting application. SnapTube improves access to multimedia content.

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