SnapTube vs Vidmate [2024]- Choose Best Downloading APP

As technology advances, we’re constantly finding new ways to keep ourselves amused, changing with the times like a cat on a hot tin roof. When it comes to streaming videos online, YouTube typically takes the spotlight. However, the quest for watching and saving videos offline faces a hurdle, with YouTube limiting this feature to free users.

While YouTube offers a download feature, recent restrictions have prompted users to explore third-party applications. Notably, apps like SnapTube and Vidmate have gained popularity for their video-downloading convenience.

In this article, we’ll conduct a detailed SnapTube vs Vidmate comparison exploring their features thoroughly to determine the optimal video downloading experience. It’s worth noting that these third-party applications aren’t available on the Play Store. You can download the app from our website.

Similarities and Differences between Snaptube and Vidmate

In this article, we will give a SnapTube vs Vidmate comparison by combining their similarities in one section and differences in another section. First of all, let’s have a look at the similarities between Snaptube and Vidmate. 

Similarities Between Snaptube and Vidmate

Following are the similarities between Snaptube and Vidmate that make both apps quite similar to one another.


Both applications offer diverse video download options to suit user preferences and accommodate storage limitations. SnapTube and Vidmate both provide:

  • Resolutions for both video and MP3 downloads.
  • Allowing resolutions from 144p to 720p.
  • 1080p HD.
  • 2 K HD to 4K HD quality.

Streaming and downloading

While doing SnapTube vs Vidmate comparison we see Both apps feature the capability to stream videos online and download them for offline viewing when there is no internet access. Users can seamlessly enjoy online content and effortlessly store data in various resolutions for later viewing.

Facebook content

In the SnapTube vs Vidmate comparison we find both offer the option to download videos from various platforms including Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, Vimeo, and SoundCloud.

Built-in safe

Both SnapTube and Vidmate include a built-in vault feature, allowing you to secure your data with a password and ensure that only you can access it.

Whatsapp status

While doing a SnapTube vs Vidmate comparison we came to know that both enable you to save WhatsApp statuses directly within the apps, eliminating the need for additional status-saver tools.

Night mode 

SnapTube and Vidmate offer users the choice between dark and light modes. Whether you prefer a darker interface for nighttime video viewing or want to reduce eye discomfort, both apps allow you to select the mode that suits your preference.

Language and geographic settings

Both SnapTube and Vidmate offer a variety of languages and locations, allowing you to use the apps in your preferred language. You can customize your language and location settings with choices from over 30 languages and more than 50 regions, ensuring a personalized experience.

Push Alerts 

In SnapTube and Vidmate, you have the flexibility to turn push notifications on or off. If you prefer to view downloading videos in the notification bar, you can turn this feature on; otherwise, you have the option to turn it off.

Batch downloading

Both SnapTube and Vidmate enable users to download videos in batches, offering a convenient method for simultaneously downloading multiple videos.

Application upgrade 

As SnapTube and Vidmate are third-party and not available at the Google Play Store, updating them through the Play Store is not an option. Nevertheless, they offer an auto-update feature, enabling you to easily update them directly within the apps.

and app conveyance

SnapTube and Vidmate both offer the convenience of signing in with your YouTube credentials, granting access to YouTube content seamlessly. Furthermore, there’s a built-in sharing option for easy sharing of SnapTube and Vidmate. Logging in with your Google account also provides direct access to your YouTube videos directly from the app’s homepage.

Screenshorts of Vidmate

Differences between Snaptube and Vidmate

Following are the differences between  SnapTube and Vidmate which are crucial in distinguishing the two apps and defining their uniqueness.


SnapTube, developed by MobiuSpace in China, and Vidmate, created by Balram Kumawat, are two prominent options we’ll compare, shedding light on their features for optimal downloading capabilities.

Both apps boast user-friendly features, ensuring simplicity. Logging in with your Gmail account seamlessly displays your YouTube videos on the home screen.

Accessibility of diverse online platforms

In a SnapTube vs Vidmate comparison, Vidmate offers a variety of sites, including options like Pinterest, while SnapTube focuses on a cleaner experience without promoting explicit content.

Vidmate also provides access to adult content through 18+ apps with VPN, a feature not available in SnapTube.

Save Images and funny Sections 

Utilizing Vidmate shortcuts enhances efficiency, providing quick access to music, movies, videos, TV shows, status, and more. Notably, Vidmate features dedicated sections for images and humor, setting it apart from SnapTube.

While SnapTube consolidates images, videos, and funny content on its homepage, both apps offer the capability to download diverse content.

Download Applications 

While doing SnapTube vs Vidmate comparison Vidmate offers a unique separate apps feature, unlike SnapTube, which lacks this option.

However, a drawback of Vidmate’s separate apps is that they often include third-party apps, posing potential privacy and data security concerns and making them less reliable for users.

Amusements by playing online games

Vidmate offers an option to play games within the app, which is not present in SnapTube, but this feature requires an active internet connection for gaming.

Prayer Reminder 

Vidmate includes a prayer reminder feature that SnapTube lacks. You can schedule reminders for prayer times, and the app will alert you accordingly.

Download Auto-resumption 

Vidmate offers an additional feature for automatic resume downloading, enabling you to download videos seamlessly by pausing and automatically initiating the download of the next video upon completion of the first, unlike SnapTube which lacks this option. Additionally, you can utilize the Auto Restricted option to safeguard against adult content.

Integrated browser or supplementary app

SnapTube allows you to watch videos using any browser without the need for additional apps, while Vidmate requires the installation of a software called Playit to view downloaded videos.

Free space Reminder and TV shows 

Unlike SnapTube, Vidmate provides information about the remaining phone storage while downloading. Additionally, Vidmate stands out for its impressive feature, allowing users to watch live television shows on over 150 TV channels.

Download Rate 

SnapTube boasts an ultra-fast downloading speed, outperforming Vidmate, which offers only an average downloading speed. Additionally, SnapTube includes an inbuilt cache-clearing option, a feature notably absent in Vidmate.

Pros And Cons Of Snaptube and Vidmate

Pros of SnapTube 

  • Unlimited high-quality audio and video downloads
  • Convert videos to audio with a direct MP3 download option.
  • Save videos directly to the gallery on your phone.
  • Supports over 100 websites
  • Night mode for late-night usage

Cons of SnapTube

  • Excluded from Google Play store due to YouTube guideline violation.
  • Consider liberating substantial storage for this application.
  • Limited movie resources.
  • During video downloads, you might encounter intermittent restrictions.
  • Exclusive to the Android platform.

Pros of Vidmate

  • Retrieve audio and video from a video source.
  • Suggest a link for downloading the latest shows, movies, and music.
  • Conceal confidential files.
  • Fetch trending videos from YouTube.
  • Compatible with 1000 popular websites.

Cons of Vidmate

  • Requires high-speed internet due to large file sizes
  • Links provided may not consistently offer good quality
  • Not on the Google Play Store.
  • Lacks video cutting and editing features
  • Exclusively for Android users

Frequently Asked Questions

SnapTube and Vidmate offer a limited ad experience, allowing users to enjoy content without excessive interruptions.

Conclusion: SnapTube vs Vidmate

After doing a SnapTube vs Vidmate comparison we come to know that both the apps are in the same boat with their video downloading process, Vidmate casts a wide net with its compatibility across platforms, making video downloads a piece of cake.

On the other hand, SnapTube’s user-friendly interface and reliable qualities spice up the video downloading experience. Choosing between them is like comparing apples and oranges; it all comes down to personal preferences, whether users fancy Vidmate’s broad reach or SnapTube’s user-friendly charm.

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